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Hicarb 4 x 4 Twill Epoxy Carbon Fibre Reinforced Tube | Custom Composites Ltd

Material Details

Grade: Hicarb 4 x 4 Twill . (Type: Carbon Fibre)
Description: Epoxy Carbon Fibre. Carbon Fibre reinforced tubes
Comments: Twill weave style carbon fibre fabric with a distinctive appearance and balanced warp/weft properties. Can be combined with other materials in the Hicarb range and with Lectraglass EPR to produce hybrid tubes with tailored properties. Used where the low weight and high strength of carbon fibre is essential along with good aesthetics typically for sporting goods ( racing dinghy masts and steering gear, motor racing components), nuclear reprocessing reach poles, military target acquisition equipment.
Size: 1250mm trimmed std. Up to 3000 mm possible Thickness Range: Min i.d 6 mm Max o.d. 150 mm †

General Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

¥ Where relevant, the flammability test method is used solely to control and monitor consistency of production. Under no conditions should the results be considered in relation to fire hazards under actual conditions of use.

Electrical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Mechanical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Thermal Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Thermal Rating Continuous

Disclaimer: The above values are based upon routine test data and do not form the basis of a supply contract. These products may be used in a diverse range of applications and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this data sheet is accurate, it must be stressed that it is the user's responsibility to ensure suitability for the intended end use.