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Phenolic Paper Laminates (SRBP) Products

Performance, whatever the application.

For years, Attwater phenolic paper laminates have been an established part of countless industries.

Designed to meet specific industry requirements, Attwater high specification phenolic paper laminates meet International, European and British Standard BSEN60893. They are available in a range of grades and types to meet your applications’ most rigorous demands. Our products are also commonly referred to by the following trade names :- Tufnol®, Paxolin, Pirtoid and Micarta amongst others.

Specifications vary according to type, but in general phenolic paper laminates offer:

  • Excellent electrical insulating properties
  • High insulation resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Good mechanical strength
  • The capacity to warm or hot punch to form complex parts
  • Easy machining to a good finish
  • A range of special finishes and colour combinations

From terminal boards to bus bar supports, flash barriers to jigs and fixtures, find the phenolic paper laminates for your product at Attwater.

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Phenolic paper laminates are ideal for:

Grades include:

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