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Attamica H Silicone Bonded Muscovite Sheet - MPSB

Material Details

Grade: Attamica H. (Type: Mica Products)
Description: Silicone Mica paper. Silicone bonded muscovite sheet
Comments: Pressed silicone mica muscovite. Thinner sheets punchable and often used as carriers for heater elements in electrical appliances. Thick sheets may be cut and machined as required into finished parts for applications where temperature resistance is paramount.
Body Colour: Silver Grey
Cover Colour: Silver Grey
Standard Finish: Matt
Size: 1200 x 1000 Thickness Range: 0.12 - 75.0 †

Typical Applications

  • Track Resistance
  • Thermal Splash Barriers
  • Punched Components
  • Microwave Windows
  • Low Loss Insulation
  • High Voltage Insulation
  • High Temperature Components
  • High Frequency Insulation
  • Gasket Manufacture
  • Furnace Insulation
  • Busbar Supports
  • Bolt Insulation

General Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Flammability Category†

¥ Where relevant, the flammability test method is used solely to control and monitor consistency of production. Under no conditions should the results be considered in relation to fire hazards under actual conditions of use.

Electrical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value

Mechanical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Flexural Strength

Thermal Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Thermal Rating Continuous
Thermal Rating Intermittent
Thermal Shock

Disclaimer: The above values are based upon routine test data and do not form the basis of a supply contract. These products may be used in a diverse range of applications and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this data sheet is accurate, it must be stressed that it is the user's responsibility to ensure suitability for the intended end use.