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Counterfeit, Fraudulent & Substandard Items (CFSI) 

Products covered

All laminated sheet manufactured by Attwater Group, and all parts and components machined from those materials.


There is a significant risk to product quality from Counterfeit, Fraudulent and Substandard Items (CFSI). To help mitigate this risk, many customers are now requiring suppliers of materials and components to implement processes that aim to prevent, detect and dispose of CFSI.

Risk Mitigation

Attwater Group employs a number of processes during manufacture of materials and components that help prevent, detect and dispose of CFSI. Authorised persons carry out these actions as required.  The Statement we have issued covers this for the business.

Attwater Group hereby declares that through the combination of a number of processes, some examples of which are shown in the statement, mitigate any risk from CFSI to its customers.