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F1 Phenolic Fine Weave Cotton Moulded Rod

Material Details

Grade: Fabric rod (F1). (Type: Rods)
Description: Phenolic Fine weave cotton . Phenolic fine weave cotton moulded rod (Not manufactured by The Attwater Group)
Comments: Fabric rod (F1)is a moulded rod manufactured from high quality cotton fabric which is bonded with a phenolic resin. Rods are available ground or machined to size required in diameters of up to 100mm Whilst the values contained within this datasheet are believed to be indicative of those of the product, batch testing is not carried out. Certification of values may be available subject to individual testing.
Body Colour: Sandy Brown
Standard Finish: Ground
Size: Thickness Range: 6-100.0 †

General Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Water Absorption

¥ Where relevant, the flammability test method is used solely to control and monitor consistency of production. Under no conditions should the results be considered in relation to fire hazards under actual conditions of use.

Electrical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
IR (24hrs Water Immersed)

Mechanical Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Flexural Strength

Thermal Properties

Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Thermal Rating Continuous

Disclaimer: The above values are based upon routine test data and do not form the basis of a supply contract. These products may be used in a diverse range of applications and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this data sheet is accurate, it must be stressed that it is the user's responsibility to ensure suitability for the intended end use.