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Supplier quality assurance requirements applying to all Purchase Orders

NOTE: It is expressly the supplier’s responsibility to understand, implement, and comply with all appropriate quality clauses imposed by Attwater & Sons Ltd purchase orders at time of acceptance by supplier.

Document reference: ATTSQAR01(1)

If the supplier has questions, please contact either our quality controller (Frank Boyle) or quality director (Dave Swarbrick). 

The supplier shall:

  1. Implement a quality management system accredited to ISO9001:2015 for material sources, AS9100 for manufacturers and subcontractors where purchase order is in aid of an aerospace contract. This will be identified within the purchasing data contained on Attwater purchase orders.(All ISO9001, AS9100 registered suppliers must provide a certificate of conformance and/or material test certificate with all goods delivered as appropriate. Calibration providers must be UKAS accredited and provide certification showing traceability to National / International Standards and degree of error / uncertainty is required.

  2. Use customer-designated or approved external providers, including process sources (e.g. special processes) where appropriate.

  3. Notify Attwater & Sons Ltd in writing of non-conforming product found or created by them that belongs to an Attwater purchase order requirement and assist in the resolution of the non-conformance or the approval of their disposition.

  4. Adopt a Counterfeit Parts Prevention Program to prevent their use. No counterfeit parts shall be accepted by Attwater & Sons Ltd.

  5. Notify Attwater & Sons Ltd of changes in product or process definition and where required, obtain approval.

  6. Flow down all purchase order requirements from Attwater & Sons Ltd to any sub-tier used against a purchased requirement where the goods are in aid of an aerospace contract.

  7. Provide test specimens for design approval, inspection/verification, investigation or auditing where requested on Attwater purchase order.

  8. Retain quality records for a minimum of 7 years unless otherwise specified. Purchase orders in aid of an Aerospace contract, record retention would normally be line with prEN 9100.

  9. Afford the right of access to Attwater & Sons Ltd, its customers, or regulatory/statutory authorities to all applicable areas of facilities and to all applicable records.

  10. Inspect product for FOD (Foreign Object Debris/ Damage Prevention) prior to shipment to Attwater & Sons Ltd. There shall be no metal or other inclusions opportunities when handling or packaging product.

  11. The processes, products, and services to be provided shall be in accordance with relevant technical data which must be provided. (e.g. specifications, drawings, process requirements etc.)

  12. Test, verification or validation, activities must be consistent with requirements of ISO9001 or AS9100 as appropriate to the organisations quality management system.

  13. Attwater & Sons Ltd comply with all legislative requirements and is it essential that suppliers adopt similar practices and policies. It is expected that all suppliers adopt all relevant legislation and in particular have policies and procedures addressing current significant legislation: (Hyperlink to Attwater statements for information)

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