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Glass Reinforced Laminates – the properties to perform

Of all laminate grades available, glass reinforced laminate brings better mechanical properties to your product. This is, in part, a result of fibre density. Glass fibres are significantly denser than cellulose (cotton or paper), giving the laminates a density of around 1.8 to 2 g/cm3.

Other properties such as flammability, temperature stability, electrical, water absorption and insulation resistance are determined by the resin system used.

Glass reinforced laminates – grade specifics

Epoxy grades

The mechanical and the electrical properties of all of epoxy grades are broadly similar at normal temperature.

Grade B38 is a flame retardant epoxy with good electrical and mechanical properties.

G10 has good mechanical properties at temperatures up to 130°C, whereas grades B36 and B48 retain a high proportion of their mechanical properties at temperatures of 150°C and 180°C respectively.

Phenolic glass (LUL SE970)

Phenolic glass, such as grade B30, has good mechanical and electrical properties, though generally these are lower than the properties of epoxy grades. It does, however, possess a degree of flame retardency. Its relatively low smoke emission and toxicity help make it ideal for closed situations such as underground, aerospace or enclosed switchgear.

Silicone glass laminate (LUL SE970)

Silicone glass laminates have low dielectric loss. With power factors as low as 3.8 – 4, and with very low relative permittivity, the material is suitable for use in high frequency applications such as microwaves and transmission antennas.

Grade B32, for example, exhibits very low smoke toxicity and a high degree of flame resistance as well as temperature resistance to 180° – 200°C (or intermittently much higher). This makes it suitable for use in closed environments such as underground transportation and harsh environments such as furnace insulation.

Polyimide resins

Polyimide resins exhibit high mechanical strength and good temperature resistance. Polyimide laminate such as grade B34 is often used at continuous temperatures of up to 180° or 200°C and intermittently at temperatures as high as 250°C and maintains its high mechanical strength.

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