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Laminates, Composites & Tubes for Industrial Use

Higher temperatures, improved performance, better machinabilty, lower weight and a finer finish: composites bring a multitude of advantages to industry compared to traditional materials.

For a generation, Custom Composites has been helping industry deliver better product performance through the application of composite technology.

In partnership with manufacturing, engineering, process and medical sectors we are constantly developing new applications for our glass fibre and carbon fibre tubes.

It is this drive for new applications that has seen our products used in cryogenic (liquid helium) vessels, rollers and airshafts for converting machinery, robotics and high speed automation, oil industry products, medical prostheses, smoke detector maintenance equipment and many more.

What we do helps Businesses products perform better and become more cost-effective. We can do the same for you. Talk to one of our experts about harnessing the benefits of composite materials for your business.