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Track Lyndon Poskitts progress at the the Dakar Rally

Track Lyndon Poskitts progress at the the Dakar Rally.

Attwater Group has supported Lyndon in previous races, providing carbon fibre composites which help keep his bike strong yet lightweight. Our MD Richard Attwater is involved with the Dakar Rally and this time he is the official driver for the media team.

During the Company’s 150th anniversary year, he will join long-time friend and fellow motorcyclist Lyndon Poskitt, overseeing media coverage along the full 5,700 journey between Bolivia and Argentina.

Although Richard will be along for the ride, he won’t be able to offer technical assistance once the gruelling race begins, as one major rule is that entrants in Lyndon’s class must carry their own spare parts and make all repairs themselves.

Instead, he’ll record the event and beam satellite video footage back to event organisers and Lyndon’s supporters every day.

Lyndon, an experienced racer who has competed around the world, has earned a strong media following by posting regular updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter during previous events. This year, he raised enough funding through Kickstarter to add daily vlogging, helicopter footage and satellite uplink time.

Track Lyndons Progress:

The Dakar rally takes place between January 6th and 20th.

You can follow Lyndon’s progress at: