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Attwater makes product equivalent specifications available to all

Attwater Group, an industry leader in the manufacture of industrial laminates and machining, has compiled and published a table charting product specifications across a range of laminate products.

Covering 19 grades of cotton, paper and glass, the table is available to anybody via the company’s website and helps navigate current BSEN manufacturing specifications, superseded specifications, American NEMA and MIL equivalents and also Tufnol® product names.

Rachael Kennedy, Attwater sales director, said: “We know that the product names and specifications are a complete maze to some, especially as many customers have specifications for grades of laminates that no longer exist or for ones that have been superseded”.

“We are known within the industry for our product knowledge and we were getting companies calling us and asking for help on a daily basis, so we pulled together an easy-to-use table of equivalent specifications and put it online where anybody can access it.”