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Attwater’s sharp move

Whilst traditionally Attwater products are used as insulation, a keen bush craft specialist has realised that the industrial laminate materials are perfect for creating the finest knife handles.

“The pale green G10 or ‘biscuit coloured’ epoxy cotton make really attractive knife handles that change in hue with age, use and conditions,” said Kevin Cunningham who runs a knife making business. (Contact :

“It’s really difficult to get a quality product, made in the UK, but this material is perfect, and Attwater have been very good to deal with.”

Kevin helps often troubled young men channel their aggression into adventure, by leading groups into Scottish countryside to instruct them in outdoor living skills.

“I believe owning and knowing how to use a knife properly is a skill valued by many men. Some of the most rewarding times have been on the “Dads and lads” courses. I really enjoy seeing the respect and admiration grow between Father and Son, as they discover more about themselves and each other over the weekend” says Kevin Cunningham.