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For the bearings, bushes and spacers that support your engineering applications, choose moulded rods by Attwater.

Moulded rods balance good mechanical properties with varying degrees of electrical insulation:

  • SRBF moulded fabric rod: Easy to machine to a fine finish and ideal for manufacturing spacers, bushes, spindles and bearings. SRBF rod offers good dimensional stability and a relatively low coefficient of friction and the possibility of lubrication with water as well as oils and greases. This makes this the material of choice for bearings and bushes for use in marine bearing and pump applications.

  • SRBG epoxy glass moulded rod: Considerably greater mechanical strength than SRBF types, with enhanced electrical insulation properties. Typically used in the fabrication of spacers, supports, standoff insulators and reinforcing bars. Epoxy glass rods are not for use in bearing applications.

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